Automated Precision Cutting Equipment

Porvair Expands Production Capacity for Porous Plastic Components

  • Automated Precision Cutting Equipment
    Automated Precision Cutting Equipment

Porvair Sciences is investing in the installation of new automated precision cutting equipment to meet a substantial increase in customer demand for precision components made from its Vyon® high performance porous plastics. Installed in Porvair's cGMP compliant clean room and capable of producing porous plastic components with excellent edge finish, high cleanliness and repeatable quality to tight tolerances, the equipment is thus recommended for pipette tips.

Vyon provides consistent and efficient flow qualities

Vyon is available in polyethylene and polypropylene and is manufactured with a controlled and consistent pore size distribution. This design allows for many filtration, separation and liquid handling applications in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals or life sciences. Thanks to regulatory certified polymer powders, Vyon components offer outstanding chemical compatibility for analytical laboratory applications such as chromography sample preparation.