Autonomous Mobile Robot with Safe Driving Technology

Production increase while in-plant logistics costs decrease

  • August 30, 2022
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot with Safe Driving Technology
    Autonomous Mobile Robot with Safe Driving Technology

INOTA AMR from INOROBOTICS standardizes the material movements. INOTA performs the duty of transporting material-load between stations 24/7, does not need any auxiliary personnel during its duty. In this way, the in-plant carrying capacity is determined precisely and production planning is made in accordance with this capacity. No cable, tape or magnetic line infrastructure is needed during the commissioning process. INOTA calculates the free space around the obstacle when an unexpected obstacle, such as a pallet, box, or equipment, is in front of it. If there is enough space, it moves around to the destination, if there is not enough space, it reaches the destination by drawing a new route.

Detection of the obstacles to determine the best route

INOTA determines the best route to reach the destination. Thanks to its safe driving technology, it minimizes product losses due to transportation and provides a safe intralogistics opportunity. The laser scanners on INOTA detect the obstacles, slow down at the most accurate acceleration, and help prevent carrier-related work accidents.

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