Blind Threaded Inserts

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With high corrosion resistance

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Blind Threaded Inserts
Blind Threaded Inserts

Providing strong permanent threads in thin panel sections, the new Type AEKM Atlas MONEL blind threaded inserts with high corrosion resistance from Penn Engineering are ideally suited for attachment applications where equipment or components will be exposed to especially harsh conditions. Made of high-strength nickel-copper alloy 400, they additionally feature a minimized-profile head allowing for near-flush installations without requiring special hole preparation (such as countersinking or dimpling). The inserts can be installed quickly and easily anywhere and at any stage in the shop or field using Atlas Spin-Pull, Pull-to-Pressure, or Spin-Spin tools. An added benefit is their capability to accommodate applications where only one side of a panel is accessible for hardware installation. In these cases, the inserts can be installed from the “front” side and a single mating screw completes final component attachment.

Posted on April 4, 2012 - (500 views)
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