Brushless Servo Motors SMH and MH

For dynamic machines and systems

  • Brushless Servo Motors SMH and MH
    Brushless Servo Motors SMH and MH

Parker SMH and MH brushless servo motors are perfect for highly dynamic machines and systems such as packaging machines, presses and automatic assembly lines. Parker has tailored and optimized their SMH and MH motors to suit a specific range of applications. High-quality neodymium iron-boron magnets coupled with low inertia options make them ideal for: Highly-dynamic applications including pick and place packaging machines, presses and automatic assembly lines; applications with accurately synchronized processes. One of Parker's excellent servo drives is the ideal partner for an SMH or MH motor.

However, they will perform equally well driven by one of a wide range of different manufacturer's drives. Check with Micromech for compatibility. SMH Series SMH synchronous servomotors provide impressive performance and have and outstanding size to torque ratio. Even the smallest SMH 42 motor delivers a stall torque of 0.45 Nm. They are designed with a smooth casing and a recessed mounting flange making them particularly useful in applications where retained contamination must be kept to a minimum.

Also the installation of a gearbox is simplified. Special options ensure that the motor can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of applications. Options include: Motor poles: 8 Static holding brake. B5 and B8 flanges SinCos single turn encoder. SinCos multiturn absolute encoder. MH Series Keeping overall system inertia to a minimum is important as is considering the ratio between load and motor inertia. However, with high speed systems, motor inertia often represents the major proportion of total system inertia. Therefore, if the motor inertia can be reduced performance can be optimised. MH motors with a low inertia option will provide 35% higher peak torque than a standard servo motor and can therefore help achieve this goal.

The MH series have a finned housing and cover an exceptionally wide performance range. With the availability of a comprehensive range of options, including low inertia's they can be adapted to suit a wide range of high dynamic applications Options include: Alternative rotor inertia. Motor poles: MH56/70: 4; MH105/145/205: 8 Static holding brake. B5, B6, B9 and B14 flanges. Passive and fan-assisted cooling. 'Ex'-protection. SinCos single turn encoder. SinCos multiturn absolute encoder

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