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Camera Enclosures
Camera Enclosures

autoVimation has extended the accessory range for the Salamander series of protective camera enclosures. All additions are modular and can therefore be installed and retrofitted as required. Additionally, Salamander enclosures can now house cameras with a maximum diameter of 40 x 40mm if their corner radius is at least 3 mm. A 60mm spacer enables the easy installation and adjust-ment of large lenses (e.g. 80mm long with a 55mm diameter). The spacer is simply assembled together with the enclosure lid – before the lid is installed, the lens is easily accessible and can be reached from all sides.

Thanks to reliable seals, Salamander enclosures with a spacer maintain IP67 protection. A positioning ring allows users to reproduce the installation position of the camera inside the enclosure at any time. This considerably facilitates the re-installation of cameras in the correct position, e.g. after repairs. A pneumatic shutter that was already showcased as a prototype at last year's VISION is now available as a series model.

It is designed for environments with extreme contamination where image capture is required during breaks in operation (e.g. analyzing the position of parts and the production steps in milling machines). Made from stain-less steel, the protective shutter is resistant to aggressive media. A Poron seal on the inside prevents the contamination of the front window. Therefore, if a milling machine sprays cooling agent onto the closed shutter, the camera will still have a clear view once the shutter is opened.

Creating excess pressure with help of a wind curtain just prior to the shutter opening helps further to pre-vent front window contamination. Finally, the new accessories also include a mirror attachment for orthogonal beam deflection that provides a cost-efficient alternative to cameras with a 90° viewing direction or cost-intensive prism at-tachments in applications with limited installation space. The mirror attachment fits at any side of the enclosure and then reflects the image into the desired direction. It can be adjusted along the camera's longitudinal axis and along the mirror axis. On request, autoVimation will also produce special sizes (e.g. for wide-angle lenses).

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