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6D location determination

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Camera System
Camera System

MONO3D by ISRA VISION is can be used for 3D Robot Guidance and 3D Gauging. With a single camera, the system recognizes all six degrees of freedom of an object, even if in motion. This provides solutions for palletizing and depalletizing tasks with any type of parts. In order to safely determine a part's position and orientation, only three features are required, e.g. holes, edges or corners. The pre-calibrated sensor integrates camera and LED illumination and has compact dimensions. It operates as a stand-alone unit or mounted onto the robot arm. Distances between sensor and object can be selected freely.

As part of the "Plug & Automate" product family, the system does not require any expert knowledge. Start-up can be done fast and intuitively through the Graphical User Interface. The camera system is available on Gig-E basis. The use of up-to-date Gigabit-Ethernet technology increases the performance. Also, the system is able to communicate with all robot types and can be set up as a multiple sensor network.

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