Carbon-Filled PEEK Grade Offering Enhanced Performance for Braking Systems

KetaSpire® KT-850 SCF 30 offers a solution for improved sealing and mechanical performance

  • by Solvay
  • August 2, 2021
  • Carbon-Filled PEEK Grade Offering Enhanced Performance for Braking Systems
    Carbon-Filled PEEK Grade Offering Enhanced Performance for Braking Systems

Designed for precision components in e-mobility brake systems and electronic pumps, Solvay's KetaSpire PEEK KT-850 SCF 30 grade provides better sealing performance than standard PEEK grades filled with 30% carbon fiber. Fiber-filled PEEK is primarily used for anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability control (ECS) components.

“The new carbon-filled KetaSpire® PEEK grade comes at a critical time when manufacturers are looking for enhanced sealing and mechanical performance. This means it is a real solution for the e-mobility market and we are proud it is part of our complete range of high-performance solutions for brake systems,” says Brian Baleno, Head of Marketing – Transportation at Solvay’s Materials Segment.

The KetaSpire® KT-850 SCF 3 allows for the replacement of metal with polymer pistons

ABS/ESC pistons contribute to the proper functioning of the system's hydraulic unit, which combines an electronic pump, an electronic control unit (ECU), valves to control brake pressure at the wheels, sensors to measure road speed, and the plunger responsible for actuating the valve movement by controlling the supply of brake fluid.

The KetaSpire® KT-850 SCF 30 grade allows for greater metal (aluminum) replacement while optimizing the material's flow characteristics and surface finish of the parts. KetaSpire® KT-850 SCF 30 provides a balance of high performance properties such as coefficient of friction, mechanical strength, dimensional tolerance control and sealing ability. It offers the fluidity required to fill parts of about 15mm in length and meets the tight tolerances required for ABS/ESC pistons.

Solvay uses 100% renewable electricity in the production of its PEEK, PPA and PPS base polymers in the United States, and is the only manufacturing company ranked among the top 10 users of solar energy by the Solar Energy Industries Association.