CDN to Showcase Innovative Products built in IoT and Wearable Technology at CeBIT 2017

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The company will available at Hall 002, Stand A33 to solve IT issues in Hannover Exhibition Grounds from 20th to 24th March

CDN to Showcase Innovative Products built in IoT and Wearable Technology at CeBIT 2017
CDN to Showcase Innovative Products built in IoT and Wearable Technology at CeBIT 2017

Attending CeBIT 2017 Hannover event is like to get very clear focus on business and quickly obtain an overview of the latest technology solutions and also find what's right for organization. 

A well established web and mobile app development service provider company 'CDN Solutions Group' announced that they are exhibiting in the global tradeshow CeBIT Hannover 2017. CDN is exhibiting in CeBIT Germany event since 2011. It is an ISO 9001 : 2008 company. During this event i.e. from 20th - 24th march, 2017, delegates of CDN Solutions Group will available at Stand A33 in Hall 2 at Hannover Exhibition Grounds. 

Overview of CDN's Agenda for CeBIT Hannover 2017

CDN Solutions Group all focus is on digitalization and will provide latest solutions in segments such as: Startups; Artificial Intelligence; Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality; Internet of Things (IoT); Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Cross Platform, etc.); Web Development; Multimedia Development; Ecommerce Portal Development; New Technologies; Business Intelligence and data Analytics; Wearable Technologies; Sensor Technology; ERP, CRM, eCRM, HRMS; Inventory Management; B2B, B2C, Content Syndication; Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise; mCommerce; Retail and Wholesale; Reputation Management, Branding.

Digitalization Concept

CEO of CDN Solutions Group Mr. Surajit Mitra Said “CeBIT is a place of communication, collaborating and exchanging ideas. It is not like the traditional tradeshows. It grows with the technology evolutions. Me and my team will be available in CeBIT Hannover 2017 at stand A33 Hall number 002 during 20th - 24th March 2017. You can meet and discuss your digitization concept with us and we will convert your idea into reality.”

CDN Solutions Group is also providing free e-invites to their visitors. So if anybody wants to meet them, can avail free passes from them by registering here: -

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