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CO2 Laser
CO2 Laser

The Convergent CV4000 CO2 Laser from Prima Electro features a high quality beam optimized for precise, high speed cutting of thin and thick metals and non-metals. Its DC-excited, fast axial flow design features industry leading electrical efficiency for minimizing operating costs. The beam features cut width independent of cutting direction. The energy distribution within the beam is ideal for minimizing heat input to the workpiece in a wide range of thicknesses, from thin gauge sheet and tubing to plate and pipe. It provides output from 200 to 4,000W average power and has advantages over other 4kW CO2 lasers for cutting and welding operations. These include: a 20% and higher advantage using less electrical power and a 50% and better advantage using less laser gas. The magnetic bearing turbine features an 80,000 hour maintenance interval. The laser is housed in a single, compact cabinet providing easy integration with laser machines, avoiding the need for additional cabling with other lasers’ resonators and power supply. Cabinet dimensions are: 855 x 883 x 3105mm.

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