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Boost signal strength while allowing for longer cable

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    Conditioner Devices

The release of a Signal Conditioner line-up was announced by Red Lion Controls. This joins the Red Lion’s family of signal conditioners that boosts signal strength while allowing for longer cable.

The incorporation of signals

These devices, when used as converters, enable the incorporation of signals into existing PLC architectures, which eliminates the need for high-priced PLC input cards. Offering a slim 6 mm footprint, each of Red Lion’s signal converters can accept or convert current, voltage, thermocouples, RTDs, resistance and pulsed input signals.

Industrial applications

Red Lion’s signal conditioners are ideal for great signal integrity, and for industrial applications either requiring data from existing deployed equipment to be incorporated into IIoT strategies, or measurement processes.

Amplification, isolation, and conversion capabilities

Rather than adding costly specialized I/O cards to an existing PLC system, Red Lion’s signal conditioning and conversion solutions allow plant engineers to add sensor data to current processes in existing formats, simplifying implementation and lowering costs. They offer amplification, isolation, and conversion capabilities, ensuring signal integrity in harsh environments and across long distances, with the option to change the signal to the desired input needed dependent upon the application.

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