Covid-19: What Has Been and Will Be the Impact on the Food and Beverage Sectors?

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British Automation & Robot Association will launch a roundtable webinar on July 23


Covid-19: What Has Been and Will Be the Impact on the Food and Beverage Sectors?
Covid-19: What Has Been and Will Be the Impact on the Food and Beverage Sectors?

British Automation & Robot Association (BARA) will set up a panel of key personnel to discuss the need for significantly increasing the level of robot adoption in the UK food & beverage sector; the barriers and challenges to be addressed and what needs to be done to achieve this change. The event is organized as a roundtable webinar taking place on July 23 (2:30pm - 4pm, GMT+1).

It is believed the UK food and beverage sector has been slow at adopting robot automation largely due to short-term approach to investments,
historical availability of labour and the flexibility human workers provide. Today there is a growing need to increase levels of automation/robot adoption due to labour shortages (Eastern European workers returning home due to Brexit, plus an ageing workforce: 130,000 new recruits needed by 2024), increasing labour costs, the need to increase productivity, and now the added challenge of dealing with the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can automation provide the solution to the UK food and beverage sectors?

You will be able to listen to a group of key panellists discuss the following topics: 

•    Key steps to implementing a successful automated project
•    Challenges to adopting an automated system 

•    Overcoming the challenges of implementing an automated system
•    Specific food sectors where automation is more important
•    Opportunities of Government support and assistance and more

Posted on July 14, 2020 - (374 views)
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