D Series – new sensors for humidity and temperature measurement

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Sensor Technology

D Series – new sensors for humidity and temperature measurement
D Series – new sensors for humidity and temperature measurement

The core part of the new D Series, presented by Galltec+Mela at this year‘s Sensor+Test, is the digital calibrated dModul, which processes the measurement values of relative humidity (0 ... 100 %RH) and temperature individually to the transmitter electronics for digital conversion to standardised analogue signals (0…1VDC, 0…10VDC or 4…20mA).  

The industrial versions (series DK for duct mounting and series DW for wall mounting) can be applied at operating temperatures between -30 ... 80°C (storage temperatures -40 … 85°C) Within these limits the measurement range of temperature is at choice.    

At customer’s preference, as well, is the conversion of the measurement values to other relevant climatic factors, such as enthalpy, absolute humidity, dew-point temperature, water content or wet-bulb temperature.  

Equipped with a PTFE sintered filter, an accessory to the industrial versions, the measurement head reaches the protection class IP54.  

The new housings of the industrial versions – offering an optional display – are apt to protection class IP65.  Only a single screw is required to close them securely.  

Included in the delivery of the duct version DK is a mounting flange with a new fixing mechanism, facilitating the mounting of the sensor even further: The sensor can be fixed into the flange without any tool – just at thumb’s pressure.  

Just as the industrial versions the humidity and temperature sensors of the room version (series DR) offer as well a number of advantages:

The integrated measuring chamber of the room version is separated from the transmitter electronics. Thus, a good air circulation around the sensing elements is provided.  

The sensors can be applied in a temperature range of -30 …60°C (storage temperatures: -40 … 85°C).  

The well designed housing of the room version is very robust. After mounting the base part at the desired place, the top, containing the sensitive electronics, can be simply clipped into place and pressed shut without any tool at any time later.  

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