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They can monitor many different parameters, including temperature, humidity, voltage, mA

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Data Logger Solutions
Data Logger Solutions

T&D Corporation presents the RTR 500 series is designed for users who need high performance wireless logging as well as optimal flexibility. It consists of compact data loggers that can monitor many different parameters, including temperature, humidity, voltage, mA (4-20mA), pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2. Various base stations are available in wireless, GSM, USB and Ethernet models. These robust devices automatically aggregate the data from compatible data loggers within a 150 meter free air range, or longer distances strengthened through a repeater. There's no need to install cabling or to travel to collect the data, and the base stations also perform automated alarm monitoring via email, SMS or App messaging.

Additionally on show will be the best-selling TR-7 series. With T&D now having cut the price points across this range, it makes cloud monitoring even more affordable. Visitors to the T&D booth will also be able to find out about the company's WebStorage Service and its tools. This free of charge service enables users to access current readings from compatible T&D products in easy-to-read graphs or tables at any time and from any place. Users can also upload and store up to 20 MB per account of recorded data from compatible base units.

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