Differential Pressure Sensor

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Differential Pressure Sensor
Differential Pressure Sensor

Measuring line pressures up to 13,8 MPa with a turndown ratio of 15:1, the American Sensor Technologies’ AST5400 wet/wet differential pressure sensor contains no silicone oil, O-rings, or welds.  The MEMS “Krystal Bond” technology completely isolates the media to the pressure ports, thus eliminating contamination risk.  The low strain level on the diaphragm results in accurate, repeatable measurements.  The sensor can be installed into systems without five way equalization valves.  It replaces systems that use two gauge pressure sensors to calculate differential pressure.  Because the accuracy or in-accuracy, of two sensor systems is additive, the AST5400 can easily increase performance over temperature. With the advancements in electronics, users of differential pressure switches can now make use of a sensor to monitor system performance and trends in applications requiring a high turn-down and high cycle performance.  Alarm functions can be added through most controllers, thus obsoleting the switch. The differential pressure sensor can be used to measure differential pressure across a filter, monitor level in a sealed or vented tank, or calculate flow across an orifice plate.  With digital compensation, it offers high linearity and performance over temperature.  The electronics offer a fail-safe condition on the output signal. If the transducer were to experience a fault condition, the transducer can be programmed to rail the output signal to 10% below the minimum or 10% above maximum output signal to notify the user of an issue and protect the system from undesirable conditions.  Offering high level of flexibility, the AST5400 allows for a variety of wetted materials and pressure ports.

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