Digital Block Cameras

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Digital Block Cameras
Digital Block Cameras

Three high definition models have been added to Sony Europe’s FCB range of block cameras, which come with both digital and analogue outputs. All three HD units benefit from the company’s Exmor CMOS sensor technology. They require just 3.4W (4.7W when the motors are active); are operational from -5 to 60oC and are ideally suited to CCTV, intelligent transport, IP monitoring, and low vision applications. The FCB-EH6300 uses its 1/3” Exmor sensor to deliver 1080 pixel video at 30 fps. It has a minimum required illumination of just 0.5 lux, a 240x total magnification (20x optical and 12x digital zoom) and a wide 55.4o viewing angle. The FCB-EH3400 and FCB-EH3300 use the 1/4” Exmor sensor to capture 720 pixel video at 60 fps. They suit applications where a high frame rate, large optical zoom (28x / 20x) and wide viewing angle (55.9o to 2.1o / 2.9o) are essential. Both cameras have a minimum required illumination lower than 1 lux. All three camera modules include privacy zone masking, a range of picture effects that include colour enhancement, e-flip, mirror image and nega-art and a diverse array of white balance models. The 240g cameras measure 50x60x89.7 mm.

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Posted on June 16, 2011 - (1681 views)
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