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    Digital Display

Demanding measurement and monitoring tasks for applications in the process industry can be visualize quickly and flexibly with the 5-digit Tricolour digital display of the M2 series by Müller Industrie-Elektronik. The devices are available with a mounting depth of 89 mm for both panel mounting as well as wall construction and in various versions. The digital display in the standard variant M2 3-Colour offers as input variables optional standard signal DC (10V, 20mA), AC signals (10V, 50V, 1A, 5A), frequency (Namur, NPN, PNP), RTD (PT100 2-/3-/4-wire), thermocouple elements (typ L, J, K, B, S, N, e, T, R) and many more. In the M2 3-Color-H version AC high voltages (300V, 600V) and AC currents (1A, 5A) can be measured as TRMS directly. As an option the M2 display serie offers a stabilized output voltage of the sensor supply. With the four-sensitive front keys the display can be adjusted quickly and flexibly to the respective requirements as well as the extensive user actions. The optional PC-based configuration kit PM-TOOL with USB adapter for displays without keyboard supports with detailed descriptions of parameters can be used for simple parameterization of standard devices. The extensive alarm system of the digital display, which can be controlled individually through the optional two switching points and the optional color display, offers great flexibility in the evaluation and monitoring of process variables. Next to safely and precisely detected, actual measured value, there are also many derived valuess such as the maxima or the sum value along the time as a quantity meter available. The value transfer of the desired equipment can be done in the universal, adjustable, optional analog output. With two independent, graded security codes, important sensor configurations can be protected and on the same time it is possible to give selected users an access to pre-defined parameters.

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