DIN Rail Mounted PC

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Based on the Intel Atom processor Z510


DIN Rail Mounted PC
DIN Rail Mounted PC

Featuring a width of 122 mm (7MW), DSM Computer’s H1-A standard DIN rail-mounted PC can be easily installed in a switchgear cabinet or a standard electrical cabinet. It can be deployed as a gateway and communications computer, Web server or distributed control unit in the industrial environments, in smart metering and electro-mobility applications, in plant control and in cloud computing solutions. The unit’s core component is a 70 x 70 mm Qseven module from MSC Vertriebs GmbH that is based on the Intel Atom processor Z510. The PC is currently available in two variants, with 1 GB DDR2 memory and 2 GB flash memory, or as an alternative with 512 MB RAM without flash memory. The Intel US15W SCH System Controller Hub with integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 500 is deployed as chipset. To achieve optimum heat dissipation, the Qseven board is directly connected with the computer housing. In addition to the two fast GigaBit LAN and two USB 2.0 outputs, the module provides a serial RS232 connection; if required, a second RS232 interface can be provided instead of the usual VGA interface. To compensate for potential differences, the two RS485 ports are galvanically isolated, allowing distances as long as 1000 m to be bridged. The VGA interface can be used to connect a control monitor for the commissioning and for maintenance purposes. The user data can be saved on the onboard flash memory or on an SD card. System monitoring, a watchdog timer and the ACPI power management ensure the high reliability of the computer. The module comes in an aluminum housing that measures 90 mm in height and 41 mm in depth (55 mm with cooling fins). The 24 V DC power supply and the RS485 interfaces are implemented as screwed- or clamp-type contact. The specified operating temperature lies between 0 and 45 °C.

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Posted on March 30, 2011 - (2668 views)
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