Direct Composits Combinations

Reduce number of components, design space and weight

  • Direct Composits Combinations
    Direct Composits Combinations

Composite Technology from Parker Prädifa includes different material combinations such as Two-component rubber-plasics direct composites that do not require bonding system. Based on a wide variety of materials to produce combinations such as rubber-plastic, rubber-metal or plastics-plastics, they are produced by manufactures using for instance chassis/housing components with static sealing functions or with rotating shafts, functional elements for translatory motion, sealing elements with positive/non-positive-locking-retention, dimensionally stable carrier plates sealing functions and more. 

Combination of specific advantages of diverse materials in one component

The composites are suitable for use in all industrial markets, from general industrial and automotive applications to the aerospace sector through to applications in the oil and gas industry or medical device technology. They reduce assembly mistakes and thanks to connected seal geometries also the risk of leakage is reduced due to the stabilization of small delicate parts.

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