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As part of the solutions offered by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS for the food, beverage, and packaging industries, the new two-stage helical bevel washdown gear units are suitable for easy and residue-free cleaning. They come in five sizes with torques from 90 to 660 Nm. As another innovation in the area of hygienic solutions, the company offers NSD tupH, a sealed surface conversion system that makes aluminum drives as robust as their stainless steel counterparts and is a thousand times as durable as anti-corrosion paints. Combined with stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel output shafts, and food grade lubricants, these drives are the optimal solution for applications with stringent hygiene requirements. Drawing on its extensive range of high-performance and efficient drive technology for the food industry, NORD realizes a variety of solutions for pumping, mixing, cooling, transporting, and packaging food articles. For a brewery application, for instance, custom manufactured industrial gear units includes wet cell version which are 100% oil-tight, hygienic, and reliable. Special feature modifications include extended temperature operation, protective finishes, and special lubricants.

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