Driving Water Availability

ABB modernizes City of Nashville’s water infrastructure to ensure clean, safe and dependable delivery of water to its growing population

  • by ABB Ltd
  • March 25, 2021
  • Driving Water Availability
    Driving Water Availability

McLean Technology Group (MTG) has employed ABB to deliver automation, electrification, and instrumentation solutions at Nashville’s Central Wastewater Treatment facility, managed by Metro Water Services (MWS), as it looks to address the needs of a population, expected to increase by 50 percent by 2045. Serving over 250,000 customers, MWS currently treats approximately 186 million gallons of water per day at its wastewater treatment facilities.

ABB Ability’s 800xA control system

The project will see the implementation of ABB Ability’s 800xA control system at a new headworks, a screening and grit removal facility being built as part of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization Project.  The Central facility, once optimized, will have a maximum hydraulic capacity of 440 million gallons per day and will utilize ultraviolet light to disinfect the treated wastewater, incorporating heavy duty and fine screens to reduce clogging. Works will also include improvements to conveyance piping, upgrades to the aeration system, and additional capture and treatment of odor sources.

Enabling more accurate decision making

ABB’s automation and control system will give operators complete visibility over the plant operation in real time enabling more accurate decision making. In doing so the number of interfaces operators must manage has been reduced, minimizing risk and condensing troubleshooting time during the startup and commissioning process.

Control system optimization

Additionally, ABB will provide control system optimization via a second, 800xA control system that will standardize all MWS water and wastewater plant operations. The scope includes an upgrade to all drives, instrumentation, and electrical components within the plant in a bid to drive efficiency, increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership via one integrated solution.

Update and improve wastewater system infrastructure

The Clean Water Nashville Overflow Abatement Program, established in 2011, and led by MWS aims to update and improve wastewater system infrastructure to reduce sewer overflows, reduce health risks associated with exposure to bacteria and contaminants, and improve water quality, ensuring the environmental health of the Cumberland River and its tributaries for future generations. Work is expected to complete on the two projects by 2023.

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