Dual Output DC Power Supply

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It provides up to 30 V at 3 A

Energy Efficiency

Dual Output DC Power Supply
Dual Output DC Power Supply

Global Specialties introduced a new power supply. The 1415 provides up to 30 V at 3 A. The fixed output offers 5 V at 3 A. Automatic crossover between the Constant Current and Constant Voltage modes allows continuous transition from CC to CV modes in response to load condition changes.

Connect multiple units in series or parallel for greater voltage or current outputs. 


  • Two independent supplies with binding posts
  • Separate 3-digit displays for voltage and current on the variable output
  • Individual control of voltage and current for the variable output
  • CV (constant voltage) / CC (constant current) mode operation
  • LED indication for CV / CC mode
  • Overload indication LED for fixed output
  • Operate multiple units in series or in parallel for greater output
  • Power On/Off switch on front panel
  • Input voltage selection on rear side (120/240 VAC) 
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