Electronic Drives for Bicycles

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Electronic Drives for Bicycles
Electronic Drives for Bicycles

Following the fact that more and more bicycles are used, even to replace automobile trips, Faulhaber provides different electronic components for the future of cycling. For the locking systems, small gear motors from Faulhaber can be installed in the front fork, in order to help bike sharers hire a bicycle at fixed hire stations or only using a smartphone app. 

Locking systems, pedaling assistance and drive systems

The Faulhaber’s motors for pedelec (pedal electric cycle) optimize the driving experience thanks to their tiny size and high performance. They can be cleverly installed to make the pedelec unrecognized as such (can be disguised as a water bottle). It achieves a peak of 330 watts for around five minutes duration at a time. The DC-micromotors series (1524/1724SR) ensures the right drive when shifting gears on the bicycle for better comfort, safety and efficient driving. They also reduce wear on the shifting components, and the gear shifting works with the help of the small servomotors.

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