Entry-Level Switches Opal Series

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indicated for safe and efficient networking of automation applications, even under harsh conditions

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Entry-Level Switches Opal Series
Entry-Level Switches Opal Series

Kyland Technology is launching with the entry-level switches of the new Opal series an extensive product range for safe and efficient networking of automation applications, even under harsh conditions. The first batch are two unmanaged devices with five and eight twisted pair ports, of which one or two optionally are available as fiber uplinks supporting selectable broadcast storm control. Further versions with additional ports, gigabit data rate and PoE support will follow later this year. The switches meet the requirements of protection class IP30, have a sturdy metal housing and are available both for a temperature range of -10 to + 60°C and -40 to + 70°C.

Other features include high EMC resistance, broad protection to shock and vibration, a redundant universal power supply (9-60 VDC/9-30VAC) as well as various certifications, e.g. for use in industrial control systems or in hazardous areas. The twisted pair ports, that have RJ45 sockets, support auto-sensing, auto-negotiation and auto-crossing. The fiber uplinks are available for SC or ST connectors. Distances of up to 5 or 40 km can be bridged via multi-mode and single-mode respectively.

The switches can be mounted on DIN rails and operated quickly by the plug-and-play principle. Due to their compact design (30 x115 x 68 mm or 46 x 115 x 68 mm), they take up little space. Information about device and network status is displayed via LEDs on the front panel. Certifications include ATEX 2 and UL 508.

Posted on April 1, 2015 - (555 views)
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