Error-free Processes

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Error-free Processes
Error-free Processes

In order to gain the full potential of the Smart Factory, flexible systems that can openly communicate with one another are needed – whether horizontally between machines on the production level, or vertically from sensor to the Cloud. The key to success is the possibility to network heterogeneous production environments regardless of the manufacturer. Because only open, standardized interfaces and programming standards can enable sustainable development. Only this way can decentralized production sites become the Smart Factory of tomorrow, exemplifying sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Error-free production processes

How far the vision of fully networked, self-organizing production systems lies in the future can be seen when paper checklists are still being hand-written in many production sites. Modern Paper on Glass technology offers a wide range of advantages here: zenon Smart Checklist not only eases production employees’ work and reduces error-rates. Data can also be immediately processed and used for reports and figures – an important step towards the Smart Factory.

Future-proof manufacturing

Only when data is available in digital format can it be analyzed and interpreted as well as patterns identified and probability developments calculated. This way, the production can learn from previous processes and its own procedures and also avoid machine downtimes. With resolto informatik GmbH, COPA-DATA shows how hidden knowledge can be made useful and developments can be noticed early on in order to take the correct measures, at the right time.

Transparent and legally compliant

The zenon Energy Data Management System measures, records, collects and analyzes in real time. Display of different types of data is possible according to requirements – from Energy Performance Indicators, to alarm lists, right up to complex graphic reports. All operational energy and consumption data can be displayed, archived and further distributed via open interfaces. COPA-DATA’s solution package also adheres to the requirements of the “Certified Energy Data Management” from TÜV SÜD and thus meets important criteria of the international ISO 50001 energy standard.

Cross-site data analysis

The more data that is available for the analysis, the better the results. If entire data from individual production systems and locations is collated together in the cloud, important topics such as energy management can also be viewed cross-site or globally. With its zenon Cloud solution, based on Microsoft Azure, COPA-DATA offers interesting possibilities to gather data and analyze it – scalable, cost-efficient and ergonomic.

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