Ethernet Encoders

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Ethernet Encoders
Ethernet Encoders

Based on an FPGA design, POSITAL's revised Ethernet POWERLINK encoders provide users with a low-cost option for the migration from CANopen to the Ethernet-based successor standard. The encoders enable cycle times as low as 400µs or, with little asynchronous data traffic, 240µs. In addition to the standard polling mode with the Master (Managing Node) polling each Slave (Controlled Node), the encoders also support the “Poll Response Chaining” and “Poll Multiplexing” modes. The interface design and these additional modes enable users to implement time-critical applications more efficiently and allow increased bandwidth.

The encoders' robust, IP67-protected M12 connectors are a key advantage. They facilitate installation through standard, pre-assembled cables and prevent installation errors. Previously removable, the connection cap with two rotary switches is now integrated into the encoder. Two hex-encoded IP67 address switches can be accessed from the outside and allow an easy configuration of the host ID within the net ID. This considerably reduces maintenance and integration efforts for the network administrator. Thanks to an integrated hub and very short delay times, even long line structures can be imple-mented. The diagnosis LEDs display the traffic and link status at each port con-nection as well as the device status from the network's perspective.

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