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Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative Cooling

Pegler Yorkshire has overcome high summer temperatures in its radiator valve assembly line at the Pegler plant in Doncaster by installing Seeley International's state-of-the-art Breezair evaporative cooling through UK exclusive distributor CoSaf Environments. Temperatures in excess of 35 C° have been reduced by up to 13 C° to provide the workforce with a cooler and more pleasant working environment.

The radiator valve assembly line is housed in a modern, highly insulated facility fitted with roof glazing to provide natural daylight. Working on a 24/5-shift system, the workforce assembles manual and thermostatic radiator valves for commercial and domestic use.

Despite installing air input and extraction fans in the assembly area, during the summer months heat generated on the factory floor and from the sun radiating through the roof lights had an adverse effect on the workforce's morale. Looking after the well being of its staff is a top priority for Pegler Yorkshire and with the knowledge that a disaffected workforceimpacts negatively on production, Senior Maintenance Technician Graham Shores decided to investigate various forms of cooling.

''We looked at conventional air conditioning but immediately decided it was too expensive to install, maintain and run and compared to evaporative cooling there was no contest'', said Graham Shores. ''We trialled some Breezair mobile coolers and they worked well, so we made the decision to install Breezair coolers into the building housing the radiator valve assembly line''.

Three Breezair coolers have been installed outside the building, with air being distributed via ductwork then through air diffusers into the assembly line area, which blankets the whole area with cool, fresh, gently moving air that reduces the indoor temperature very effectively. Temperatures are controlled by solid-state programmable regulator, which provides four different control modes.

The Breezair system is housed in a simple, clean, ultra-modern designed plastic casing specially developed to withstand all weather conditions. The Breezair's state-of-the-art components include an innovative water distribution system, which delivers continuous, balanced water coverage to all the heat exchanger pads. The world-patented system ensures maximum cooling efficiency and minimal maintenance problems.

An innovatively designed, aerodynamic fan provides a constant, even flow of air over the pads to provide a welcome cool breeze with minimal noise and low energy consumption. Other pioneering components include a highly efficient water pump that guarantees constant and reliable cooling when most needed, and a long lasting variable speed motor that gives maximum comfort level control.

''Breezair evaporative cooling has provided a marked improvement in working conditions for our staff and the coolers were extremely effective last summer'', said Graham Shores. ''CoSaf Environments provided us with a competitive price and as an established company with an expert knowledge on evaporative cooling we knew they were a company we could rely on'', he concluded.

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