Fan driver integrated circuit for efficient cooling systems

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appliance to resistance values substantially below 10 ohms

Fan driver integrated circuit for efficient cooling systems
Fan driver integrated circuit for efficient cooling systems

The new chip MLX90297 is a single winding, 600 mA integrated circuit fan driver. Designed to develop efficient cooling systems, this new device is the newcomer in the catalog of full driver circuits for single winding fans and represents the evolution of the well-known device MLX90287. It integrates a Hall effect sensor with high sensitivity with two powerful half-bridge output stages. In addition to the possibility to set the minimum speed directly from the chip, you can fine-tune the curve of speed by entering a single resistor more.

The mechanism for starting and smooth switching has been further refined in order to minimize acoustic disturbance and decrease vibration at high speeds of the engine, without having to sacrifice the maximum torque obtainable. The low driving resistance (RDSon) of the integrated circuit MLX90297, combined with an embedded function for current limitation, allows to apply this driver to fan whose windings have resistance values substantially below 10 ohms. Immunity to electrostatic discharge (ESD) was further increased to 9 kV HBM according to the model HBM.

Posted on March 5, 2015 - (326 views)
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