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Enable sheet-to-sheet attachment without screws

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Replacing costly screw installation in applications where disassembly is not required, the microPEM Tackpin (Type T) fasteners for compact electronic assemblies enable sheet-to-sheet attachment. Their use eliminates typical screw-related issues including tapping, cross-threading, torque control and vibration backout, thus ultimately promoting quick and easy installation with minimal hardware. Manufactured by PennEngineering, the fasteners can serve as ideal alternatives to welds or adhesives. They can be specified to attach super thin membranes to very thin cosmetic substrates, such as keyboards. Their low-profile head provides cosmetic benefits. The fasteners install by first preparing properly sized mounting holes in the sheet to be attached and the base panel. They are pressed into place once they are inserted into the holes. The fasteners clinch into the base panel and their heads subsequently hold the top sheet (as thin as 0.2 mm) firmly and permanently in place. The base panel can be as hard as HRB 45 or less on the Rockwell “B” scale and should be at least 0.89 mm in thickness for blind holes or 0.5 mm in thickness for thru holes. Upon installation, loosening due to vibration or other factors is not a concern. The RoHS compliant fasteners’ tapering tips assist in location, an interference fit eliminates hole tolerance issues, and the self-clinching action results in full 360º metal contact. The fasteners can be installed automatically for high-volume applications.

Posted on March 13, 2012 - (280 views)
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