Fastener Installation Press

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With new optical sensor feature

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Fastener Installation Press
Fastener Installation Press

The PEMSERTER Series 4 press for installing self-clinching fasteners from Penn Engineering has been newly upgraded with an optical sensor feature designed to promote faster work set-up. The newly engineered Optical Sensor Indicator (OSI) has been integrated as standard into the built-in point-of-operation safety of the press to signal when the safety is properly set for each job. The OSI activates during set-up mode when the press ram/punch is being adjusted onto the work-piece prior to fastener installation. The process is set in motion when the operator unlocks the ram-jam nut and then begins to adjust the ram clockwise. The OSI then changes color (from black to orange) at the exact point when the safety is successfully engaged, eliminating the potential for operator error.

Posted on June 9, 2014 - (536 views)
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