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Serving as practical, cost-effective, and permanently secure solutions, the microPEM fasteners from PennEngineering enable quicker assembly of devices ranging from hand-held consumer electronics to medical equipment, among others. Standard types include PEM Type MSO4 self-clinching standoffs and PEM Type MPP self-clinching locating pins.  Additional types from tack pins to screws can be supplied. Manufactured from 400 series stainless steel Type MSO4 for spacing applications has with threads as small as M1.0/#00 and is available in lengths as short as 2mm. It can be installed, as standard, into sheet metal (including 300 Series stainless steel) as thin as 0.4 mm with maximum hardness up to HRB 88 on the Rockwell “B” scale. Applications requiring installation in sheets as thin as 0.2mm have also been satisfied with specially engineered microPEM standoffs. Manufactured from age-hardened A286 stainless steel, the Type MPP micro pins are designed with diameters as small as 1 mm and in lengths as short as 2 mm.  They can be installed permanently into stainless steel or other sheet materials as thin as 0.5 mm with hardness up to HRB 92 on the Rockwell “B” scale. All microPEM fasteners are RoHS compliant.

Posted on September 26, 2011 - (1640 views)
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