Flat Rotary Sensors

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Usable in confined spaces

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Flat Rotary Sensors
Flat Rotary Sensors

Particularly suitable for mobile applications, Contelec’s Vert-X 90E model flat, heavy-duty non-contacting rotary sensor is ingress protected to IP 69K and has a height of 12 mm. Highly resistant to shocks and vibration, it can be used in confined spaces in applications such as construction and forestry machinery, concrete pumps and fire service vehicles, which make exacting demands in terms of ruggedness, stability and environmental conditions. The sensors’ rotating axis and the actual measurement system have no direct mechanical link. A permanent magnet attached to the rotating object allows precise measurement – even with radial and axial offsets of several millimeters. In addition, axially and radially acting forces cause no wear. These features make the rotary sensor suitable for use in cases where the rotating object is outside a certain tolerance range or when physical contact between the rotary sensor and object is not possible. The sensor is based on Vert-X MH-C2 technology, which enables easy user setting of indexing points, for example zero point, and direction of rotation. This in turn allows fast, convenient installation, while permitting compensation for the equipment tolerances and installation tolerances of the rotary sensor. The sensor also offers the possibility of integration of different analogue and digital interfaces.

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