Frequency Inverters

allow greater pump control

  • Frequency Inverters
    Frequency Inverters

Top pump performance must be achieved at both high and low fluid viscosities. NORD offers a variety of drives to handle the specific pump speed and torque requirements, including constant speed drives, mechanical speed drives as well as ones with complex digital controls.

Nord frequency inverters allow greater pump control. Characteristics such as flow rate or other process requirements can be changed and saved simply by changing the parameters on the frequency inverter. The inverter can handle all special pump controls, for example when controlling the pressure the inverter allows data acquisition, PID control and speed control. NORD provides modules for almost all standard field bus systems, which can be simply plugged into the inverter and integrated into the field bus network.

Using a variety helical gear boxes, bevel gearboxes and worm gearboxes, combined with a bevy of motor and inverter options, NORD offers a perfect solution for the pump industry. NORD also offers special cross drilled shafts, heavy duty output bearings and flange mounted reducers to adapt to the requirements of the pump manufacturer.

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