Fume Extraction System

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Fume Extraction System
Fume Extraction System

Purex International has come to the aid of the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago by donating a fume extraction system to their Toymaker 3000 assembly line. ToyMaker 3000 is an exciting exhibit that takes you through the entire manufacturing process of creating a toy. The exhibit consists of eight interactive stations, twelve moving robots and a 2,000-square-foot automated assembly line that can assemble three hundred Gravitron toys per hour. You can personalise each Gravitron by choosing its colour and laser marking your name onto it; you can then watch it be constructed.

Until Purex helped out, the museum staff were having problems keeping the laser on the Toymaker line running and the enclosure clean using their old fume extractor, as Roger Harris from the museum explains.

''We were having problems withour old fume extraction system but now we have installed the Purex system and it has been working without a hitch. The Purex system is quieter, has no odours, looks better and is more efficient than what we were using. In fact, since we cleaned the laser guard during the installation (something our techs had to do every few weeks), we haven't needed to clean it again!''

Roger continues, ''Our technicians have also commented on the Purex systems ability to monitor both the filter condition and the exhaust air quality. I never would have guessed that a fume extractor could make that much difference to the appearance and operation of our laser. With an exhibit that runs seven days a week, every little bit that does not require attention helps us keep the exhibit running that much better.

The Purex range of fume extractors protect people from hazardous dust and fumes and are available for marking, coding and engraving lasers across a wide variety of industry applications.

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