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Large-sized gear reducers and increasers
Large-sized gear reducers and increasers

Specialized construction of large-sized gear reducers and increasers, mechanical power transmissions for mid-and large-sized industrial applications, Galbiati Group serves all markets that require high standard precision components and machines. The company has extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and revamping of mechanical transmissions for steel industry (hot and cold rolling mill), large Edger drives, pinion stands and twin drives for mill stands, main drives for shears, tilting converters drives, coilers and uncoilers. Turbine and pump gearboxes for hydroelectric power plants; planetary drives for antenna actuation and for TBM rotating heads; drives for rubber and plastic mixers; drives for cement industry and solid mills; winch drives for cable-car industry (cable railways, cable ways, cable cars, and chairlifts) and hosting equipment; gears and toothed gear segments for antenna actuation; girth gears for cement mills and kilns etc.

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Galbiati Group
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