Gearbox Platform for Wide Range of Applications

Tailored solutions through configuration process with just three parameters

  • Gearbox Platform for Wide Range of Applications
    Gearbox Platform for Wide Range of Applications

Flender announces the global launch of the next extension of Flender One. The single stage gearboxes are now available as versatile solutions for over one hundred different applications. The new gear units cover a wide range of application needs, including bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and hoisting applications. With a broad spectrum of power classes, sizes, and designs, these gear units ensure optimal coverage of various industrial requirements.

They stand out as tailored solutions and customers only purchase what they need, eliminating unnecessary components and maximizing efficiency. This customization reduces operating expenses and enhances performance, providing a perfect fit for each specific application. Additionally, the gearboxes offer a wide range of add-on parts and customizable output shafts.

Easy Configuration

The Flender One design saves both time and money in planning and plant operations. The new configuration process can be completed in minutes with just three parameters. Combined with instantly accessible 3-D data, prompt quotations, and shorter delivery times due to automated manufacturing processes, project timelines are accelerated from the planning phase. Overall, plant operators can achieve up to 25 percent time savings in planning through simplified processes. In operation, the Flender One platform reduces operating expenses. All gearboxes are equipped with performance-optimized Metaperform® gearing, reducing power dissipation by up to 20 percent compared to previous models and a 30 percent higher thermal capacity. Also, the bearing lifetime increases by 80 percent. This results in faster cost amortization for industrial gearboxes.

Smart gearboxes with AIQ technology 

The solution offers built-in gear unit intelligence straight from the factory. Each unit comes with an integrated AIQ Core sensor, providing digital monitoring and intelligent onboard analytical functions. This allows for increased plant availability and process optimization, reducing unplanned downtime by up to 70 percent. Data- and need-based maintenance intervals can decrease service costs by up to 40 percent and service-related downtime by up to 50 percent. The optional torque measurement function allows for process and operating point optimization. The AIQ Core torque can be easily selected via the configurator.

With the help of collected data and AI models, Flender is now able to size the gearboxes only as large as needed for the respective application. Most industrial gearboxes from all manufacturers in the field, including Flender, are oversized by up to 50 percent. Now with Flender One and AIQ, a tool is given to continuously eliminate this oversizing together with customers and realize massive savings in raw materials, energy consumption, delivery times and installation space. 

A proven successor 

Flender One succeeds the renowned standard industrial gearbox range, FSG, with over 500,000 units in the field. As the most successful standard industrial gearbox range to date, FSG sets a high bar, but Flender One is ready to surpass it with its innovative features and superior performance.