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Cryokit by Kora is a specialized range of gloves and accessories for protection of operators in the presence of liquid nitrogen (-195,82°C) and other cryogenic gases. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) manufactured with selected technical materials under the most demanding control rules and subjected to rigorous tests of strength and durability. CE certification in the 3rd category. The main features of a cryogenic glove for protection are:


  • The ability to protect from the contact cold for a long time
  • The waterproofness to liquids and therefore the cryogenic liquids, without them being compromised flexibility and dexterity.
  • The resistance to low temperatures of the materials constituting the glove or that the contact with the cryogenic gas is not cause to breakages of the glove.In our gloves for cryogenic protection cryokit® these three attributes coexist thanks to the adoption of the multi-layer materials used and the to "multimembrane" system that provides total waterproofness to any liquids, in which is inserted the main microporous membrane "Porelle®" that fully wrap around the glove, but ensuring necessary level of breathability for comfort.

The main function of the Porelle® membrane is to ensure waterproofing in use, keeping the user dry and comfortable. However, we sweat when we work, and it creates a micro-climate inside the glove; if the sweat is trapped inside can quickly form a wet layer, leaving the damp cold feeling.In the cryokit® gloves the presence of the membrane is shown on the label stitched on the glove.