Guided AR Quality Inspection

Standardized processes with no programming skills needed

  • Guided AR Quality Inspection
    Guided AR Quality Inspection

Viscopic Pins is a tool that helps easily and quickly create Augmented Reality content for devices such as the Microsoft HoloLens, with no need for programming skills. Pins is a Windows application that allows the generated virtual instruction steps to be projected precisely onto real objects and infrastructures. The technology can be used in many ways in the areas of assembly, quality assurance, manufacturing, production, installation, safety instructions, and maintenance. These are optimally supported by the use of Augmented Reality. First, a virtual 3D image of an environment or product is created from CAD data. Then so-called pins can be attached. They can be enriched with information.

A context-sensitive instruction of the employee

The worksteps can be accessed via AR glasses and projected onto the real environment. The software can now also be used as stand-alone stationary support in assembly processes, for example. Using a computer vision setup, components can be scanned and compared with CAD originals. This universally applicable object recognition enables a context-sensitive instruction of the employee, through the PINS Viewer via a Windows PC. Furthermore, work steps can be checked live and direct feedback can be given. 

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