HI-BAR Safety Screens

For optimum strength to weight performance

  • HI-BAR Safety Screens
    HI-BAR Safety Screens

LEE PRODUCTS offers HI-BAR Safety Screens in a range of materials to which is now added options made of Titanium. Protecting components in critical fluid handling applications such as aerospace, aviation and motor racing from the risks of blockages is essential in helping to protect against system failure, so these ultra-light weight, yet high strength titanium options are ideal.

Titanium flange mount safety screens

The titanium flange mount safety screens are machined and drilled entirely from a solid bar of 6AI-4V titanium and offer the same 7500 psid burst and collapse pressure as the original 17-4PH stainless steel versions, yet with significant weight savings. For example, the nominal weight of the 0.67” diameter version in 17-4PH stainless steel is 2.4 grams while the titanium option weighs just 1.37 grams. This represents a weight saving of 43% and can make a significant contribution to the challenges facing machine builders of reducing weight where fluid handling systems require multiple screens.

Main features

These screens feature a rugged, single piece construction that eliminates the need for welded or soldered seams typically found on wire mesh designs. Also, single layer wire mesh screens are inherently weak and unable to match the burst and collapse performance of a HI-BAR screen. Typically, methods for strengthening a wire mesh design include stacking multiple layers of wire mesh material and using a support structure. While this may increase the strength of the design, it also reduces the open area, increases restriction (higher pressure drop for a given flow) and increases cost due to added complexity.

Availability and applications

The titanium screens are available in 6 different flange sizes ranging from 3.302mm to 17.01mm in diameter and 6 different hole sizes ranging from 0.101mm to 3.302mm in diameter. In addition to their suitability to aviation and racing industries their excellent corrosion resistance to a variety of media including seawater, means they are also ideal for us in marine, medical, aerospace and oil industry applications.

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