High efficiency electric motors

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Italian market estimates

High efficiency electric motors
High efficiency electric motors

The annual consumption of electricity in Italy associated with the use of electric motors in the industry is estimated at around 120 TWh. If all electric motors installed belonged to efficiency class IE3, there would be an annual saving of about 7 TWh of electricity, with the replacement of approximately 15 million motors and a cumulated turnover of € 67.5 billion.

If we also consider new installations of electric motors by 2020, likely to be IE3, it is estimated a further saving of about 0.2 TWh of electricity, for a turnover approximately € 700 million per year. Considering the replacement of electric motors currently installed with high efficiency class IE2, it would result in an annual saving of electricity estimated at 4.6 TWh, with the replacement of approximately 14.7 million motors and a total turnover corresponding to € 43.4 billion.

Given the level of affordability of efficient technologies and regulatory obligations in relation to classes of minimum efficiency of new electric motors placed on the market, it is reasonable to think that in the next eight years in Italy the theoretical potential "maximum" (corresponding to the adoption of IE3 class motors) will be achieved by 35-40%.

Posted on November 6, 2014 - (199 views)
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