High-Intensity Lamp

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For work areas and workstations in machines and equipment

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High-Intensity Lamp
High-Intensity Lamp

Wieland Electric has added a new high-intensity lamp for work areas and workstations in machines and equipment to its portfolio. Thanks to their robust and durable design, podis LED lamps are especially well-suited for use in industrial environments. The lamp is maintenance-free and corrosion resistant, which makes it suitable for illumination of working spaces and walkways in demanding industrial environments. Depending on the field of application, various light distribution curves can be selected.

A lamp with a very wide light cone is good for the uniform illumination of workstations, e.g. the nacelle of wind turbines. A lamp with a directed light cone, by contrast, can be used for efficient illumination of a long room, e.g. for the stairs in towers/shafts or in hallways and corridors. In addition, this durable lamp can be used simultaneously for the illumination of workstations and for emergency lighting. The product is available both on a flat cable for the podis installation platform, and for the gesis RST round cable energy bus.

Posted on December 5, 2014 - (572 views)
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