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High Performance Drive
High Performance Drive

Kollmorgen introduces the Ethernet-based Advanced Kollmorgen Drive, specifically designed to expand machine performance and increase integration speeds. This high performance drive facilitates plug-and-play operation with servomotors to get an optimized system up and running quickly, in less space and for less cost. The AKD supports a variety of feedback devices and Ethernet motion buses from the base hardware. It meets the requirements for nearly any application; from basic torque and velocity applications, to indexing, to multi-axis programmable motion. The drive is conform to Category 3/Sil2 and RoHS standards, meets the insulation requirements of IEC60601 and carries the CE mark.

Posted on January 12, 2010 - (1609 views)
Kollmorgen Europe GmbH
Pempelfurtstraße 1
40880 Ratingen - Germany
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