High-Performance Electric Actuator

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With lead accuracy of 0,025 mm/300 mm

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High-Performance Electric Actuator
High-Performance Electric Actuator

The DA Series of electromechanical linear actuators, available in the UK through INMOCO, is designed around an integrated motor and roller screw, a compact configuration that provides excellent performance.

Precision, power and reliability

The state-of-the-art components within the DA actuators contribute to industry leading precision, power and reliability. The advanced roller screw design, for instance, provides a high-performance method for converting rotary torque to linear motion.

Long working life

With a high level of surface contact and minimal backlash, the DA unit roller screws are ultra-reliable and have a long working life while offering excellent load capacity, tolerance to shock loads, absence of vibration, and output efficiency. DA actuators can produce a continuous force of up to 22300 N (5013 lbf) and speed of up to 833 mm/sec (32.8 in/sec. Standard units have a nominal backlash of less than 0.1mm (0.004 in), and zero backlash options are also available.

Accuracy and design

The lead accuracy is 0.025mm/300mm (0.001 in/ft). Constructed from a robust design and manufacturing process, DA actuators withstand temperature extremes (-40ºC to +100ºC), shock and vibration and are available with IP66 ratings.

A wide range of applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications, DA actuators are equipped with patented in-situ lubrication ports which are designed so that re-lubrication, the actuators’ only required maintenance, is carried out without having to disassemble the actuators or even remove them from their mounting.

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