High-resolution Pyrometers

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Rugged remote sensor head for ambient temperature up to 315° C

Sensor Technology

High-resolution Pyrometers
High-resolution Pyrometers

Fluke Process Instruments expands the Endurance pyrometer series by models with a remote sensing head that tolerates ambient temperatures up to 315 °C. This design is ideal for applications with tight space constraints and for mounting near a heat source and in harsh environments. The sensing heads also offer improved immunity to electromagnetic interference. They are connected to a rugged IP65 electronics box via fiber-optic cable over a distance of up to 22 m. Various medium and high-temperature models cover a 250 °C to 3,200 °C measurement range. Monochrome and ratio pyrometer version are available with a 1 µm or 1.6 µm spectral response. 

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The ratio infrared thermometers enable accurate measurements of partially obscured objects, in dirty or steam-filled atmospheres, and of small or moving objects that do not completely take up the measurement spot, notably wires, rods, or streams of molten glass or metal. Major application fields include primary and secondary metals manufacturing, primary glass manufacturing, and laser welding. Featuring a 0.1 °C measurement resolution, the Endurance pyrometers also fulfill the requirements of the semiconductor industry. Various lens options are available for different mounting distances. The sensors operate with either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or 24 VDC power supply. They feature isolated analog I/Os as well as LAN/Ethernet, Profinet, and RS-485 interfaces. The PC-based Endurance setup and monitoring software simplifies configuration and deployment. A built-in web server enables archiving of historical data for traceability, process troubleshooting, and remote viewing. All Endurance series pyrometers are offered with a best-in-class four-year warranty.

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Fluke Process Instruments - Raytek GmbH
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13127 Berlin - Germany
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