Highly secure one-way Industrial IoT

Includes hardware and software isolation

  • Highly secure one-way Industrial IoT
    Highly secure one-way Industrial IoT

The Siemens Mobility DCU (Data Capture Unit) used with the Skkynet Cogent DataHub gives you a secure OT – IT bridge for vendor-neutral connectivity.  
The DCU hardware ensures the highest safety and security level for the protected assets, while the DataHub software enables real-time secure connectivity across a wide range of protocols on both sides of the connection. Working together, the combination provides a reliable and cost-effective solution that eliminates any directly wired (optical or copper) physical connections and provides a one-way software gateway for connectivity. 

The DataHub has been extensively tested by Siemens for this application.  Both the hardware and software have been proven in the field for many years and are used in thousands of applications in virtually all industrial sectors.

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