Hydrogen Pressure Sensor

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For use on fuel-cell vehicles

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Hydrogen Pressure Sensor
Hydrogen Pressure Sensor

Suitable for use on hydrogen-powered vehicles and in other emerging hydrogen applications, the AST 2000H2 from American Sensor Technologies is certified for use by European and Asian automobile manufacturers as an on-board hydrogen sensor for fuel cell vehicles. To overcome hydrogen permeability and embrittlement, it employs a one-piece thick diaphragm, free of internal O-rings, welds or fill fluids, that keep hazardous media out, eliminating the change of hydrogen permeation and eventual sensor failure. To reduce the chance of embrittlement caused by long term exposure to hydrogen, the sensors are constructed from a version of high strength 316L stainless steel wetted parts that promote long life and resistance to media corrosion. Utilizing an inorganic bond, free from glue line failure and outgassings, the company’s proprietary Krystal Bond Technology further enhances performance by reducing long term drift to just 0.25% per year. Tested to TUV and EIHP, the sensors’ 2MPa range is approved to 79/2009/EC and the 35MPa range is suitable for use on Class 3 hydrogen tanks. The sensors have been tested under TUV supervision for 70MPa range for Class 4 tanks and are awaiting EC79 approval.

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