Industrial DPSS Lasers

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Industrial DPSS Lasers
Industrial DPSS Lasers

Two new industrial Q-switched lasers have been introduced by Spectra-Physics for 24/7 microelectronics manufacturing applications. The Pulseo 355-Turbo features UV performance at up to 500 kHz repetition and is suitable for high speed processing of semiconductors, touch screens, high density interconnects, and other microelectronics. It features >8W 355nm output power with <8% pulse-to-pulse stability at 300kHz. The Explorer 1064-3 delivers high IR peak power, high beam quality and brightness in a robust, compact package for memory repair and micromachining applications. Based on the reliable and stable Explorer platform, it offers <12ns pulse widths and near diffraction-limited beam quality in a robust package that can be used on moving gantries.

Posted on July 4, 2012 - (807 views)
Micro-Controle Spectra-Physics (Newport Spectra -Physics)
9, Rue du Bois Sauvage
91055 Evry CEDEX - France
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"Newport, a world leader in laser technology, photonics and precision positioning, mainly operates in the following markets: research, microelectronics, aerospace, defense, life sciences and photovolatic, among others."

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