Integration Platform for Multi-disciplinary Optimization

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With the modular, profile-based access to the innovative optimization environment, the new release supports companies in their product development process

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Integration Platform for Multi-disciplinary Optimization
Integration Platform for Multi-disciplinary Optimization

ESTECO releases modeFRONTIER 2016, enabling multidisciplinary engineering practices to consolidate specialized expertise and streamline teamwork by allocating software resources where needed.

The philosophy behind modeFRONTIER 2016 benefits your entire organization by reducing complexity, improving efficiency and cutting development time. Depending on the step of the engineering problem at hand, it is now possible to access different functionalities within the same installation through dedicated modules (modeSPACE and modePROCESS) or directly in modeFRONTIER, according to the profile of the user.

A flexible, role-tailored optimization environment

New User Profiles enable multidisciplinary engineering practices to consolidate specialized expertise and streamline teamwork by allocating software resources where needed.

The four Data Space profiles provide a tailored set of tools to perform design data analysis and mining required at each step, from basic data viewing to full-scale design space exploration.

The other four profiles included in the Process & Optimization area of the renovated offer enhanced flexibility in performing advanced optimization, and process integration and automation. Each of these profile focuses on specific sets of design optimization and integration practices to boost engineering productivity.

Furthering the state of the art of design optimization

While offering a new User Experience, the new modeFRONTIER 2016 includes advanced tools to address the most sophisticated tasks involved in the design optimization practices: the Sensitivity Analysis tool, the RSM Evaluation Chart and the improved RSM wizard offer an environment tailored to effective design space exploration. New capabilities for project complexity handling include the dedicated panel for workflow setting (Workflow Global Properties), the Design Space Node, the improved Subprocess Node and many more.

Webinar Series

To introduce the new release and to showcase its new features and philosophy, ESTECO has announced a dedicated webinar series starting with an introductory webinar on July 20th.

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