IP65 Industrial Grade Servo Motors

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For use in harsh industrial applications

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IP65 Industrial Grade Servo Motors
IP65 Industrial Grade Servo Motors

PITTMAN Motors offers IP65 industrial grade servo motors that are good for use in harsh industrial applications. The AB Series brushless servo motors are offered in three different NEMA frame sizes and various stack lengths to accommodate a wide range of industrial applications. The product line is designed to exhibit a medium to high torque constant (KT) to accommodate DC bus voltage ranges from 325 VDC down to 170 VDC. The motors' heavy-duty construction features include an IP65 rated design, a heavy-duty 0.5-in output shaft, front shaft seals, and military-style multi-pin connectors. The motors also feature internal Hall-effect devices spaced at 120 electrical degrees as well as two thermostats for overload protection. Accessories include various optical encoders, external holding brakes, precision gearheads, and mating power and sensor cables. The AB Series motors are available in NEMA 23, 34, and 56 mounting configurations. Depending on the frame size and stack length, the AB Series can provide continuous stall torque output from 0.42Nm (3.75 in-lb) to 12.88 Nm (114 lb-in) and peak torque from 1.28 Nm (11.3 lb-in) to 38.3 Nm (339 lb-in). Rated speeds range from 2800 RPM to 5200 RPM. PITTMAN also offers a wide range of standard brush and brushless DC motors, which are available in a variety of frame sizes, torque and power ratings. Frame sizes range from 0.375-in (9.5mm) for miniature high-speed brushless DC motors up to 5.25-in (133mm) for high-torque brushless DC motors with integrated controllers. Output torque ranges from 0.3 oz-in (0.002 Nm) to 1824 oz-in (12.88 Nm) without a gear box. Both planetary and spur gearboxes are available for most brushless DC motors, greatly increasing the available torque output. Gear ratios up to 4732.5:1 are possible. A wide variety of encoder types also are available.

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