Laser Power Detector gRAY

The detector is reflow soldered onto a metal core PCB ensuring optimal electrical, mechanical and thermal coupling to this base plate

  • Laser Power Detector gRAY
    Laser Power Detector gRAY

Based on customer feedback, greenTEG further developed the gRAY Laser Power Detector portfolio to make system integration even easier. With the compact and robust gRAY bare die detectors, powers down to 100 uW can be easily measured. With the B01-SMC and the B05-SMC, two common customer concerns have been solved: 1) System integration: The detector is reflow soldered onto a metal core PCB ensuring optimal electrical, mechanical and thermal coupling to this base plate.

The PCB can be conveniently mounted onto any heat sink inside the laser system with two screws. 2) Temperature monitoring: All thermopile detectors have a temperature dependent output signal. The B01-SMC and B05-SMC contain a NTC temperature sensor next to the detector on the PCB to continuously monitor the module temperature if required by the application. To 100 W in 200 ms The new C100-HW is among the fastest laser power detectors on the market. Powers of up to 100 W can be measured with a rise time of only 200 ms for wavelengths ranging from UV to MIR.

The output signal is a normalized analog voltage between 0 and 10 V, requiring a supply voltage of 24 V. Water cooling channels are integrated into the housing to keep the sensor temperature constant. Hundreds of mW on 2x2 mm2 Space is limited in laser sources but a laser power monitor is indispensable. Fast and small photodiodes are often the detector of choice but are limited by wavelength and a maximum illumination power. To close this measurement gap, greenTEG developed a new detector. With the B0.5-SC, powers up to 500 mW can be detected on an area of only 2x2 mm2. As with all the other gRAY detectors, the B0.5-SC is sensitive from 190 nm to 15 µm. For easy integration the detector can be reflow soldered like an SMD component.

The detector will be available by the end of 2015. Ideal detectors for OEM applications One of our latest OEM customers is a medical laser manufacturer that needs to monitor power for calibration purposes before each surgery. To save space, the C50-MC detector is mounted inside the system. Another medical laser manufacturer measures low powers with greenTEG's B01-SMC continuously as a redundant power measurement is legally binding in the EU.

An industrial laser manufacturer integrates the B05-SC detector into the processing head behind a beam splitter to feed a closed loop power control with the measured signal. Further, power meter manufacturers are taken with the compact design of the gRAY detectors. Both the B05-SC and the C50-MC as well as the thermal position sensing device are built into power meters now.

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