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LED Headlights
LED Headlights

Engineered by Peli Products, the 2710 and 2720 LED feature a red LED emergency signaling mode that flashes the letters “SOS” in Morse code. Their 4X optical magnification lens provides both optimal closed space and spot lighting. Offering 24 lumens in high and 7 lumens in low modes, 2710 features a white light with night-friendly red and green LEDs. Usability in two modes is 2 and 5h respectively. The headlight weighs 0.08 kg with 2 AAA batteries included. Featuring a variable dimming mode, 2720 also offers a motion sensor actuation mode that turns the light on and off with a simple gesture. Offering 8 to 175h runtime, it has three LEDs that consists of two low level red and one high performance devices. Dimming mode allows the user to shine 80 to 5 lumens. 

Posted on March 12, 2012 - (70 views)
Peli Products S.L.U.
C/Provença 388 Planta 7
08025 Barcelona - Spain
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